‘Social powered WiFi’ allows businesses to offer customers WiFi internet access while also acting as an effective channel for marketing the business.

In order to access your WiFi, customers must sign-in with one of their social media accounts or by entering their email address. This allows your business to capture valuable information about your customers and with their permission, promote your business further to them and their online friends.

Not at all. Surge Social was built to make social powered WiFi easy. Our system is plug and play, no technical expertise is required. All custom settings are done in our easy to use web based portal (https://portal.surgesocial.com).

We currently support several social media logins:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • VKontakte

We also allow for direct email or passcode login options  You can even choose pay-for-time WiFi plans.

A single WiFi router can support around 30 simultaneous users. Additional Access Points can be added to support a larger coverage area and many more users (see the ‘Dual’ and ‘Large’ packages).

Depending on conditions, you may be able to cover an area of more than 2000 square feet with a single WiFi router. Keep in mind that obstructions such as walls, doors and metal objects can impact signal range. For best results, mount WiFi routers on the ceiling in the center of a room.

No, integrations with third party services are optional, but they can add a huge value to your business. One Surge Social custom integration is included with every product. Additional integrations are available upon request for a one-time setup fee. If you would like to integrate WiFi customer data with CRM, Auto Responder, and Loyalty programs like InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Square, TripAdvisor, etc then then you will also need an account with those services. Some offer a free version, while others require a paid account.

Yes, the Surge Social WiFi router works anywhere in the world and simply requires an internet connection. You may need a power plug adapter for different power outlets.

WiFi splash pages can contain a language bar that translates the page in over 25 different languages.

We ship to customers around the world. Shipping in the continental United States is free. Shipping time from your initial order is typically 5-7 business days.

International shipping will be calculated separately. Please note that import duties and taxes may be charged at the destination country and are the responsibility of the customer. Surge Social cannot be held responsible for products order getting through local customs.

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View pricing for each product and see how you can connect with your customers.


View pricing for each product and see how you can connect with your customers.